Open Day

Experience the Valletta Design Cluster Makerspace through our first public workshop on digital fabrication as part of our series of Open Days.  I+A will lead a group of 8 participants in a hands-on, one day event within the Makerspace.

Date: 26th November 2022

Time: 9.00am till late

Robotic Hot-Wire Sculpting Workshop 

Industry 4.0 has reshaped the way we manufacture everything from microchips to buildings. In the context of automating workflows, this one-day intensive workshop will engage participants with generative design processes and digital manufacturing using an industrial robotic arm.

The workshop is aimed at architecture students/ practitioners and artists with an interest in digital design and manufacturing. A hot-wire cutter mounted on an IRB-120 robotic arm will be used to rapidly produce 3D geometry from expanded polystyrene blocks. The resultant pieces will then be assembled together and exhibited within the Valletta Design Cluster.

The participants will form teams of two, based on their interest and skills. The teams are:

Group 1- Rhino modelling. Task: aggregation of pre-designed component*

Group 2- Grasshopper for Rhino. Task: programming, simulation and running of IRB-120*

Group 3- Assembly. Task: assembly of components, gluing and finishing

Group 4- Documentation. Task: filming of the design and manufacturing process

*requires knowledge of Rhino


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The Makerspace 

Located on the ground floor of the Valletta Design Cluster, the Makerspace is a workshop space being equipped with an extensive inventory related to prototyping in various media including woodworking, metalworking, textiles, electronics, 3D printing, casting and moulding.   The Makerspace provides space, equipment and supporting expertise for projects that require the use of tools and technical skills. Whether you’re a student, a resident, an individual artist or artist collective, a maker, a designer, a practitioner-in-residence, a researcher, a creative start-up, or a cultural and creative enterprise or organization, the space is accessible for you to make use of for your projects!  Check out our Membership Scheme to find out how you can make use of the Makerspace.